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The Jewelry of my choice

I’m not a fashionista, and I won’t pretend to be one, but I admit that I love to look good and I love to dress up from time to time. I still have fun in the process of mix and match before I go out. It depends on how I feel each day or it depends on the plans and situations. Sometime I would love to look quirky, nerdy, unique, fun or different. I constantly try to push myself out of the comfort zone, regardless of what other people think about me. I’m a risk taker who made some mistakes in fashion once in a while.
Anyway, I spot 5 pieces of jewelry from NATHALIAS NEW YORK that I would like to add to my collection, because I feel like I can have fun with them and I can wear them in every occasions. I have an eye on 2 bracelets, 2 two-stone diamond rings and a pendant.
Let’s start with the bracelets. What caught my eyes at first is the color. One of them looks so sweet and delicate with a finest touch of femininity. The other one looks so bold, that the blue color will bright up your day once you put it on. Opal is the star for these two bracelets. One of them will present itself as the dragonflies that would love to fly around your wrist. Dragonfly Bracelet with Opal and Cubic Zirconia in Sterling Silver will perform its duty without intimidating anyone or any other pieces of your clothes and accessory.

This piece of jewelry will work well with every fashion of your choice.
The stunning Marquise and Clover Motif Bracelet with Opal in Sterling Silver will add a pop of bright and bold blue color to your fashion.

It will add a lot of fun elements into you and your clothes, whether you choose to wear jeans or a little black dress. This choice of bracelet will never disappoint you.
Neckless can add a little something to your clothes. A pendant can make a statement, or at least It can make you feel less boring. I never mind having some beautiful leaves on my simple- design and monotone-color classic dress. 14k Two-Tone Yellow and White Gold Tree of Life Pendant will be my choice to match this type of my dresses.

The design of pendant looks so classic. It will probably get along with everything in your closet from the jeans to the evening gown. These yellow and gold replication of natural leaves looks gorgeous on its own. It can add another wow-factor to your clothes.
We still have two more rings to talk about. Your jewelry box wouldn’t be complete without them. Someone said: “Diamonds are the girls’ best friends.” I think if they come along with the white gold and the rose gold, it wouldn’t hurt.

14k White Gold Two Stone Overlap Design Diamond Ring (1 cttw) has a simple design, but it still looks sophisticated. This ring will definitely go with any clothes and accessories of your choices. Two is better than one, right?

The rose gold is a sweet color. It is sweet as a rose itself. Another simple design with a little bit more color: Two Stone Diamond Ring with Curved Band in 14k White and Rose Gold (5/8 cttw).



I usually go for the design that is simple and classic, because diamonds are forever. If I choose a diamond ring, I want to make sure that it stands the test of time. I’m pretty sure this ring will never disappoint anyone who put a price on a timeless precious piece of jewelry.